trance_angel (trance_angel) wrote in ayu_awards,

Challenge 40 - Banners

Banners for adrxuan, _forluna, carla_chan, and m_serena9.

Sorry for the delay of banners, hope they're okay^^

Also...miyalumix, please let me know if this isn't allowed.

I'm one of the co-mods over at kattun_awards, we're currently working towards getting the community active again. We have a contest running right now and would love more participation. If you're into KAT-TUN and love iconing, please join!

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Ooooh, these are so pretty! *-* I grabbed mine, thank you so much :)♥
You're very welcome, I'm glad you like them.^^ Congrats again!
took mine! the banners are real pretty! XD
I'm glad you liked your banner, congrats again!

Deleted comment

Lol, I think you make even better banners! I have trouble trying to make the banners look like the icons themselves..but I try to make them the best I can.^^

Thanks so much for letting me pimp kattun_awards!